Play Your Stuff


27% of $7,465
$5,433 of $7,465 to go
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About This Project

“Imagination is the key to my lyrics. The rest is painted with a little science fiction.”… Jimi Hendrix

Imagine a venue filled with the sounds of local performers jamming to a packed audience. "Play Your Stuff" is an ArtServe initiative designed to provide a setting for local musicians to play their music for an audience and to have the opportunity to make music and music education a permanent part of their lives. 

ArtServe is seeking funds to replace the Audio/Visual equipment in the Classical South Florida Hall at ArtServe.  This system will serve non-profit, cultural organizations and their music programs that call ArtServe home.

ArtServe is a multi-disciplinary cultural hub that plays host to numerous grass roots level music, dance and theatrical performances as well as creative classes, workshops and gallery exhibits. 

Enhancing ArtServe’s audio/visual equipment will go a long way to developing many of the existing programs and also allow for the following: 

  • Launch Play Your Stuff, currently in the developmental stages
  • Support to Gold Coast Jazz Society’s Jazz Jams
  • Develop "Fort Lauderdale's most anticipated event of the summer..." -ArtServe's Red Eye Event (the auditorium plays host to many local bands and a fashion show)
  • Improve ArtServe’s ever popular exhibit (Inside)/Out, art as healing therapy (the auditorium is used for workshops pertaining to resources for art therapy)
  • Improve Broward County Cultural Division’s Technical Assistance Program Workshops
  • Improve Cooperative Marketing Program Workshops 
  • Attract additional performances by Broward based cultural organizations

Your donation will help pay for:

  • All Equipment related to Audi/Visual System
    • XLR Cables (8)    $ 200
    • ¼” Guitar Cords (8)      $ 200
    • Boom Stand (8)     $ 240
    • Beta 58 Microphone (8)    $  800
    • Mackey SRM 350 Monitors (2)  $ 1,000
    • AV snake    $  500
    • 12 Channel Mixer   $  650
    • Projector & overhead project mount   $ 1,575
    • Installation, labor & permitting   $ 1,000
  • Construction labor for sound room window renovation   $  500
  • Sup12% administrative fee for power2give   $  799.80
  • Total project                                                                     $ 7,464.80


Donor Benefits

ArtServe plays a vital role in the Broward County arts and culture arena by providing affordable venue rentals and services to local artists and arts groups, turning art into business.  Thank you for your support of Play Your Stuff. We hope to see you at one of our many exciting performances.

Donors will be recognized as follows:

$25 - $50
Named as an ArtServe supporter on

$50 - $250
The above plus listed as an ArtServe supporter in ArtServe’s annual Holiday Member Showcase exhibit program
2 general admission tickets to ArtServe’s multimedia phenomenon, the Red Eye Event 

$250 or more
The above plus listed on the Friends of ArtServe wall located in the lobby
Special recognition at ArtServe’s annual membership meeting