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How does a little Community Gallery pay the rent?

I want to tell you a story.

At the Yellow Springs Arts Council Gallery on a cold Friday night, Margrit Tyding Petrie’s show “Dancing With The Universe: Masks and Beyond” opened. Old friends, new friends and students from the classes she has taught streamed through the door with gifts of flowers.  It was a rich swirl of color, good food, tropical fruit drinks and people delighting in the artist and her art.  

Margrit had created an enchanted world. Her use of color and paper mache to create large twisty sculptures was so joyful that it made you want to play! And we did! She led a wildly messy workshop that was jammed with happy people creating. As we closed the gallery that night, a tired but happy artist said, "It was a dream of an opening.”  

We have been living that dream.  Our lively space regularly morphs from gallery to intimate jazz cabaret to costume runway, to a theater space, a packed drum circle, a poetry jam, to a…well, we just keep dreaming up new events. We have become an important center for art events in Yellow Springs. Our schedule is booked through 2015, which is wonderful and yet- How do we pay the rent?

A community needs to be surrounded by art.  Artists need a space to share their art.  But we survive on contributions and volunteer efforts. It's a struggle to climb that financial hill month after month.  So how does our vital little community gallery pay the rent?

WE KNOW WE CAN with your help.

Gallery Rent for our Fall Season - $3285.00

power2give 12% - Administrative Fee - $448.00


Total - $3733.00

Check out our fabulous Fall Season at:

Donor Benefits

The best one is coming and joining us in our events. We’d love to see you!

$1.00-$25.00: A heartfelt thank you sent from the Gallery Coordinator-that’s me!

$50.00: Three signed photographs of the Artists with their work in the gallery- one from each of our fantastic Fall Shows.

$100.00: Our artists will send you thank you cards with a print from their art on the front.

$1090.00: You provide us with a whole month’s rent! Come and hang out with the curator (different title but guess who) and the artist as we hang one of the shows- (you pick which show) we’ll bring in the Pizza or Calzones!

$3285.00: A season at the gallery! Over the top joyful thanks coming your way- Artistic thank you cards from the curator (yep, me again, I am an artist too!), the gallery show artists, photographs sent to you from each of your shows and your name on all of our event notices for the whole Fall Season.