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About This Project

Discover Classical 88.1 & 89.9FM carries locally-hosted classical music programming by day, and brings you the greatest orchestras and performances from around the world at night. In order to broadcast programs like Performance Today or the New York Philharmonic, and even locally-produced programs like Live & Local, the station uses an ENCO System, one of the most critical pieces of equipment for broadcasting. The days of vinyl and reel-to-reel are long past. The ENCO System allows us to download, organize, and broadcast these programs in perfect, crystal-clear digital sound.

While the ENCO units currently in place are serviceable, they are on their last legs, and utilize the XP operating system, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. These ENCO units are absolutely vital to broadcasting locally-produced programs, as well as programs provided through syndication.

Donor Benefits

Donate $150 or more - Honorary Day - Select a day of the year and give us a message to read. Honor a person, an organization, or an occasion. On the day of your choosing, we will read that message on the air throughout the day!

Donate $240 or more - Adopt a CD - Choose a composer or a specific piece of classical music, and we will put your name on a CD, and thank you by name for adopting that CD from our Music Library. There are no annual fees, just a one-time contribution to the station!