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About This Project

With Columbus as a well-known hub of comic art and culture, dreaming up the annual Graphic Novelist Residency Award was a no-brainer for co-organizers Thurber House and the Columbus Museum of Art. The intensive three-week residency is gaining in scope and national recognition. For the residency's third year, CMA is working to bring Graphic Novelist Lilli Carré to Columbus March 15-April 5, 2014.

Lilli Carré is an artist and illustrator working in experimental animation, comics and print. You may know her work from The New York Times or New Yorker magazine. Lilli is the 3rd Graphic Novelist Residency Award winner, following in the footsteps of Paul Hornschemeier and Ed Piskor. Her time here will be spent in talks, interviews, workshops, visits with the Columbus comics community, researching, and being creative on a work-in-progress. A 3-month exhibition in CMA’s Forum gallery will showcase Lilli’s previous work and artistic process.

You can help bring Lilli to the Columbus Museum of Art and support the Graphic Novelist Residency, forwarding our mission of providing great experience with great art for everyone!

Here’s what it would cost to have Lilli here for the 3-week residency. Please help!

Round trip airfare from Chicago 
    (Superman’s not available, we checked)               $350
Rental car in Columbus 
    three weeks at $250/week                                         $750
Food and incidentals for three weeks at $50/day      $1,050
Lodging for three weeks 
    (thank you, Thurber House!)                                      $ 0
Lilli's honorarium                                                          $3,000
Costs for CMA to mount an exhibition
     showcasing Lilli’s process                                    $2,800
CMA public programs in-house and off-site, 
    where Liili will meet with students and adults
    in a variety of public programs                              $1,000
p2g Admin fees                                                            $995
Total Cost of Graphic Novelist residency                $9,945

To learn more about CMA and all the great programming we offer, visit us at Learn more about the Museum at See more of Lilli's work on her website

And thank you for your support!

Donor Benefits

All donors receive an invitation to one of Lilli’s programs at the Museum (dates tbd).  

Donate $100 and also receive a tour of Lilli's work at CMA, conducted by the artist herself!