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Storybook Village

Ohio Historical Society

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About This Project

Help bring the Ohio Village to life with characters from your favorite story books! The Ohio Historical Society is asking you to break open your piggy bank to contribute to our Storybook Village event, a pre-school literacy and reading readiness event planned for June 7, 2014, at OHS’s Ohio Village. Storybook Village 2013 attracted over 800 big and little people -- and helped promote a love of reading and history.

The Ohio Historical Society is partnering with the Columbus Metropolitan Library and the Central Ohio Mascot Organization to present and market the program to parents of pre-school age children. Storybook Village 2014 will feature local celebrities, OHS historic character interpreters and children’s book characters such as Rapunzel, Mother Goose, Red Riding Hood, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and others engaging children throughout Ohio Village.

Storybook Village is a part of the Ohio Historical Society’s statewide efforts to provide language arts and social studies programming to children and families. Our unique approach integrates reading and history as a means to encourage literacy, cultural knowledge and social development skills in young children. Our Social Studies and History education programs are aligned with the Ohio Department of Education’s Academic Content Standards.

We need your help to continue and expand the event in 2014—you know toddlers love to do the same thing over, and over and over…Here’s a comment from one of the parents about the 2013 Storybook Village: 

We had such an awesome time on Saturday.  The kids have been non-stop talking about all the characters they met.  Ava keeps asking when she can go back.  Please tell the person that was in charge of that what an awesome job he did.  The characters were amazing.  The kids loved getting free books and being able to be free and not worry about hurting anything- especially that little Zachary who just did his own thing.  That was a really great event. The characters again were amazing.  Cinderella by far was the best and so was the old lady at Hansel and Gretel’s—heck the kids were pretty good too.  OK they were all amazing.  Thank you so much for inviting us- worth every penny.

Thanks again,
Tina, Ava and Zach

P.S. Tell them they need to do that again, Pleeeeease (Zach)!!!

For more information about the Ohio Historical Society, please go to our website at www.ohiohistory.org or go to The Columbus Foundation Power Philanthropy website to view our portrait: http://tcfapp.org/Show/Ohio_Historical_Society

How will your contributions be used?

Actors Fees                                                                                                     $4,500.00
Event Marketing/Promotional Materials                                                     $2,000.00
Kiddie Swag Bags (free books & goodies the day of the event)           $1,000.00
power2give Administrative Fee                                                                       $834.00

Total                                                                                                                   $8,334.00

Donor Benefits

Donor Benefits:

$25 - $349      Storybook Village Rapunzel --Help us let down her hair!

  • Social Media shout out from OHS!

 $350 - $499    Storybook Village Farmer -- Little Red Riding Hood has to eat too!

  • Social Media shout from OHS
  • Your name listed on OHS Donor Wall, annual report and website

$500-$1,000 Storybook Village Big Dog--Clifford says “Arrrf! –translation: "Thanks Big Dog!"

  • Social Media shout out from OHS
  • Your name listed on OHS Donor Wall, annual report and website; listed as a sponsor of Storybook Village on the event signage & event marketing materials