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Who needs art?  The Woodlands Texas needs art!  You can help The Woodlands Art League secure a new home by donating today.  Our lease is up August 31, just a few weeks from now!  We've been gallery hopping for the past two years providing classes and workshops to the North Houston area, gallery space for our very talented artists, and great events for our community--things like monthly Art Book Club meetings, free artist demonstrations, and exhibitions and receptions for our local schools and teachers.  We bring internationally known artists like Clayton Beck and Robert Liberace right here to Texas for outstanding workshop opportunities.

WAL has been working hard to prove it can be done.  Now it's time for a long term lease to keep scheduling these high quality, in demand classes and workshops.  We've had waiting lists not only for our out of state guest artists' workshops, but also for our summer Kid's "Off the WAL" Art Camp!

Your donation can help us secure the walls WAL needs to continue to grow the art in our community!

Donor Benefits

For a $500 donation you can help us hold our "Off the WAL" Kid's Art Camp year round and receive a special one of a kind piece of art from our students as thanks!