Issac Cline Historical Collection Archieve and Retrieval System

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About This Project

Weather Research Center (WRC) and The John C. Freeman Weather Museum, the nation's first weather museum, is the owner of the personal papers of Issac Cline.  Issac Cline was the Meterologist In Charge (MIC) of the Galvestion Weather Bureau during the Galveston Storm of 1900 that destroyed Galveston.  These papers were obtained from the National Weather Service (NWS) upon the closure of a NWS office in the SE United States.  WRC has housed these papers for many years and would like to organize and preserve them for future generations.  These personal papers are currently stored on-site and require cataloging and digital preservation.

WRC and the Weather Museum believe that it is essential to maintain and preserve one of a kind historical documents for future generations of Houston, the Nation, and the World.  Many of these personal papers are in the form of hand-written ledgers in Mr. Cline's own hand and detail the day to day operations of United States Weather Bureau offices in Texas and the SE United States.  These papers and ledgers require cataloging and preservation efforts for possible research projects and to ensure their continued availability for display.

Cataloging and documenting the contents of the Cline Collection will require the services of a librarian and archivist to organize the papers and ledgers in chronological order, subject matter, and by geographical location for future research and display efforts.  All of this information will be entered into a database that will provide access through a variety of search criteria for researcher access.  Preliminary time estimates to complete the project are 60 - 90 days from project start. 

Donor Benefits

WRC and The Weather Museum will provide donor acknolwedgement in all museum literature, museum newsletters, and signage at the display.  In addition, donors will be included on the museum's virtual donor wall on-site and on-line at the museum website.