Bringing Home the Shelton Story Pole:Phase 2-Restoration!

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About This Project

This past fall, the Burke Museum had a unique opportunity to bring a truly remarkable object back to the Northwest. Carved by renowned artist and Snohomish Tribe leader William Shelton, this Coast Salish story pole was commissioned for Krape Park in Freeport, Illinois, in October of 1935, where it stood for more than sixty years before it fell into such severe disrepair that it had to be removed.

Thanks to citizens like you, the pole has been shipped back to the Burke Museum and is ready for restoration. Thank you!

Now that it’s home, we still have a lot to do to conserve and repair the pole following its long exposure to the elements. During this process, we will create multiple opportunities for the community to view the pole and speak with the artists devoting their attention to its restoration. 

Your donation will help us pay these special artists for their time and expertise, as well as fund the costs of the restoration itself. With time, talent, and your support, we hope to see this pole standing tall once again!

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Project Budget:

The cost for conserving and restoring the pole are estimated at $150,000 in total. We’re asking for your help to kick off this phase, with an initial $7,000 going toward the first round of expert examination and evaluation of the story pole, in preparation for its restoration. An additional $500 will cover administrative fees. 

Donor Benefits

  • All donors will receive special updates on the story pole's condition as it is assessed by experts at the Burke museum and two complimentary museum passes.
  • Donors of $100+ will receive a complimentary Burke Museum Family membership. (Burke memberships are 100% tax deductible.)