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About This Project

Dear Donor,

Thanks to WTVI’s “GED Connection”, a TV show with companion workbook, I have taken the GED test and passed with flying colors!  I dropped out my junior year, 20 years ago, and wanted my high school credential.  I took the tests a couple of years ago and failed.  I heard about the show and decided to try it.  The program helped me brush up on subjects that I haven’t looked at in years.  The way they introduced things like Writing, Grammar, US History, Science, and Math made the topics interesting while relating it to my everyday life.  They provided me with a workbook, workshops, and help when needed.

The workbook was one of the most useful things because the tests in the book helped me be prepared for the real thing. I have some challenges in Match, Algebra, and Geometry but with the practice stuff it really simplified the matter for me.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard that the workbook normally costs $100.00 per person since I received it for FREE!  Apparently “GED Connection” was funded for five years and now relies on contributions.  I am so happy to be one of the 103 people that have received their GED by participating in the program.  

I am now getting ready for my interview at Presbyterian Hospital and hope to go for my Associates Degree in Medical Billing.  I hope that you will give the gifts of accomplishment and self-confidence and the tools and skills to succeed that I have received to others.


Proud “GED Connection” Participant


(15) Workbooks @ $100.00 each: $1500.00

Help the 30% of Mecklenburg County citizens that do not have a high school diploma or GED!



Donor Benefits

By donating to WTVI’s “GED Connection”, you are enabling someone to find a job and earn more money throughout their career.  A GED allows them to compete for promotions and qualify for higher education or a job training program.

All donors will have their names appear in the credits of a show.