Turn Us Inside Out! Curb Appeal for REAL!

Life Enrichment Center

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$4,979 of $6,676 to go
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About This Project

The Life Enrichment Center has served thousands  of active adults over the last thirty-four years providing them with the opportunity to enjoy lifelong learning through creative, academic and wellness classes in a building that is fifty-eight years old with "needs" as seen in our video -"Audrey Three - The Student Eating Plant". With your help through our  "Power2Give" grant, we plan to remove, trim, groom and cutback the existing plant material and re-purpose throughout the property. 

Next, much needed repairs will be done to the building. Four of our accomplished art students and an LEC instructor, including Bill in the video, will then paint the building and create a beautiful mural on the front  and side of the building depicting what is offered in the Center.  Even the windows will be "art wraps" and be an integral part of the mural. The Center will then become a landmark art piece that the city of Tampa will be proud of and all will know what is happening at the Center.

A "Memorial/Tribute Garden with new plants and a donor recognition plaque recognizing your gift(s) of $1,000+ will replace the "weeds" including the "Audrey Three - The Butterfly Plant" provided by MOSI which will be replanted elsewhere on our property so that all can continue to enjoy the beautiful butterflies that are attracted to "Audrey Three"

The budget for this is as follows:

Remove, trim, groom, cutback existing plant material and dispose - $400
Repairs to building - $500
Four artists @ $25 per hour X 40 hours worked equals $4,000
Paint - $350
Brushes, rollers, etc.- $10
150 square feet of wrap with artwork printed on it  @ $3.50 equals $525
power2give hosting, admin and credit card fees - $801


Visit the Life Enrichment Center website at LECTampa.org.

Donor Benefits

$50 +

You will receive a big generous thank you on Facebook and Twitter

$100 +

You will receive all of the above plus…

  • Listed on The Life Enrichment Center Donor Recognition Board, website and  Annual Report.  
  • Receive invitations to the new monthly "Meet the Artist/ Instructor Wine & Cheese"  event as well as the monthly "Meet The Artist of the Month Wine & Cheese" event

You will receive all of the above plus…

  • Priority notice of future LEC classes and programs as well as an opportunity to purchase tickets for all LEC's galas, benefits, and official events before the general public


You will receive all of the above plus…

  • Subscription to the new LEC monthly "Leadership Link" and three times per year  "Legacy" newsletters
  • Invitation to the LEC Open House next Fall to announce the new programs and classes beginning in 2015

 Give $1,000.00+ and you will receive all of the above plus:

You will receive all of the above plus…

  • An Invitation for two (2) to attend the new LEC's Chair of the Board's Annual Sponsor/Major Donors Recognition Dinner
  • An invitation to become a member of the new LEC Producers Support Group
  • Personal recognition in the new "Memorial/Tribute Garden" in front of the new mural