We're Lobbying for Our Lobby!

Stageworks Theatre

78% of $9,964
$2,184 of $9,964 to go
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About This Project

Stageworks Theatre has an amazing space in the Channel District, but we need to raise the bar (and bar stools and tables)! We have an opportunity to create an exciting place for people to congregate before, during, and after performances, but we need your help! Be a part of making our "before" lobby into an "after" that will do justice to Stageworks' high level of creativity and professionalism!

Urban Innovations, Inc., an award winning Tampa design firm, has agreed to donate their expertise to create a rockin' space.They will also enable us to purchase high quality furniture at wholesale prices (55% below retail)! In this first phase, we will be installing beautiful new bar stools and tables, as well as additional bench seating. 

Our budget details:

18 stools @ $286 each


6 tables @ $332 each


4 benches @ $407 each


power2give.org hosting, admin and credit card fees


Total Project:

$ 9964

Donor Benefits

$25 - A shout out on our website and other social media sites!

$50 - Same as above, with a sincerely written thank you note from a Stageworks Board member

$125 - All of the above, plus an invitation to our "lobby warming" party in late August (its going to be fun!!)

$250 - Same as the above, plus the opportunity to have the wonderful Ricky Cona sing your message on your voice mail - Priceless!