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Photography helps us improve our world, heal from tragedies, share experiences, empower each other, and learn things on a much deeper level of understanding. Photography connects us to each other, and we need you to ensure this happens. As a nonprofit that thrives on community togetherness, Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP) is making innovative changes in its programming due to the COVID-19 virus. Our community of artists and creative businesses must find new avenues of income to remain viable during this crisis. We cannot improve, heal, share, empower, and learn without your support. We need your support now, more than ever.To help us all stay connected during the crisis, we are:

  • Hosting a weekly virtual Zoom ACP Social Hour, every Friday at 4pm EST
  • Conducting weekly online “Camera Class for Kids” free workshops
  • Bringing the FENCE to Atlanta for the 7th year (The FENCE is the largest outdoor photo exhibition in North America)
  • Planning an outdoor showcase of Georgia Artists to be curated from FENCE submissions by local artists
  • Developing innovative ways to showcase the work of talented photographers in our community and beyond
  • Committed to produce the 22nd annual October Festival
When allowed back in the hospitals, we will continue our Teen Spirit workshop with inpatient teens at Scottish Rite and Egleston Hospitals.Please help secure the future of ACP with a one-time donation today or through an automated monthly contribution. With each dollar you give, we will improve, heal, share, empower, and learn together in our world of photography.

ACP is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the cultivation of the photographic arts and the enrichment of the Atlanta art community. We need your support now to continue our efforts.

Matching Sponsors

Our generous sponsors will contribute $1 for every $1 donated to this project up to $2,000 ! (pending matching fund availability)

  • Resurgens mayor s oca color
$318.26 of $4,000 goal ⋅ 22 days to go
  • Donate $10 or more

    To encourage donations, the 2020 government stimulus package contains a universal charitable giving incentive for contributions of up to $300. Your donation will power public art, and connect Atlanta, giving your family and friends something new to see and do...
    Amount over $1 is tax-deductible
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$318.26 of $4,000 goal ⋅ 22 days to go
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    Louise Shaw
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    Match from City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs- FY20-COVID-19
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    Match from City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs- FY20-COVID-19
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