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About the Project

La Speranza is presenting Houston's first-ever performance of Beethoven's Septet on historical instruments on Saturday, June 2nd 2018, and we're inviting YOU to be a part of this exciting debut. 

Franz Joseph Haydn: String Quartet in B flat major, Op. 76, no. 4 "Sunrise"
Ludwig van Beethoven: Septet, Op. 20

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 at 7:30 pm
St. Mark's Houston (3816 Bellaire Blvd)

Have you ever listened to works by Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart and wondered what it was like to hear their music when it had JUST been written? Here at La Speranza, we seek to recreate this experience for today’s audiences with instruments that are as close as possible to what would have been used when the music we perform was premiered. This kind of performance is called historically informed performance practice, and up until about twenty years ago, historically informed performance practice (HIPP) was more advanced in Europe but almost nonexistent in the United States. Now the idea of recreating historically accurate representations of music written hundreds of years ago has caught on in the United States and particularly in Houston. 

La Speranza is using historically informed performance to change Houston and the world.  In a field that internationally lacks ethnic and gender diversity, La Speranza is run by an African American female and the personnel for this upcoming Beethoven concert represents a wide range of ethnicities, including Syrian and Iranian. We love to inspire and encourage others that HIPP is truly for everyone! La Speranza brings music to those who are hospitalized or otherwise would not be able to attend a performance in a concert hall. We regularly perform in the lobby of Houston’s Methodist Hospital in their Crain Garden Series and we visit patients at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center in a program we started called Sonorous Sojourns. We also emphasize human relationships and connections in all of our concert programs, encouraging our audience members to cultivate similar relationships in their own lives. 

What do my donations cover?

$4,000 --- Musician Fees
Most of your donations will go towards making sure the eight musicians on this program are paid for their time and expertise. Being a HIPP professional musician takes thousands of hours of practice and thousands of dollars spent toward education and instrument-related costs. Our mindset that HIPP professional musicians shouldn't be expected to play for free has garnered respect for our musicians and organization, even at such a young stage.

$600 --- Travel Stipends
La Speranza is extremely budget-conscious, which means we use mostly local HIPP musicians for all of our performances. However, for Beethoven's Septet, we have three musicians (the clarinetist, hornist, and bassoonist) coming from out of town to whom we provide small stipends to help them with their airfare.

$100 --- Program Printing
We make sure to include well-written, thoughtful program notes written by members of our ensemble that any audience member will enjoy reading.

Marketing costs and venue rental fees will be covered by ticket sales from previous concerts. Hotels for our three out-of-town musicians will be covered with in-kind donations. 

Why will this concert be successful?
Last season, La Speranza established itself as an integral part in the Houston early music scene, giving six performances for over 700 audience members. The audience size has increased from concert to concert by an average of 175%. Even in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, our audience size has remained steady in our two concert so far this season. In February 2018, La Speranza will make its Houston Early Music Festival debut, a major debut for such a young organization and an honor that speaks to the high level of music-making for which La Speranza is known. We anticipate our largest audiences at our February debut and at this concert, the close of a wonderfully successful second season. 

** The second, third, and last images in our video were taken by Fair Star Photography.

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